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How Video Can Affect Traffic To Your Website

How Video Can Affect Traffic To Your WebsiteHere we examine a few of the good and bad things about having videos on your website. The trouble is that videos can have both a positive and negative effect on your website, and it is hard to judge how bad something really is, just by reading about it. For example, we could list ten good things about videos and one bad thing, and the bad thing could overrule all of the good things, but on paper, it will not appear that way. You can do two things about this.

You can research into your customer base and find out if they are the type of people who like website videos, or you can take a chance, put up videos, and see if your traffic or online sales/success falls.

It introduces a new audience

For all the negative effects that videos have on a website, it has to be argued that they do introduce a new breed of viewer onto your site. Some Internet users dislike reading and others prefer something more dynamic. These are some people who will be attracted to a website that has videos on.

It scares some traffic away

Some people hate videos with a passion, which means you will need to put a textual alternative to your videos if you wish to retain them. If you have your videos auto-start or auto-load, you are going to scare off these viewers within five seconds of your page rendering.

It takes longer for your page to load

If your video auto-starts or auto-loads then the page loading and render times are going to shoot up. If the website has lots of videos on one page then that page will take longer to load, the same happens if you put lots of images on one page.

It can explain in seconds what may take pages to explain in text

An image can describe a product far better than text can. It can show a products true color, quality, features and appearance a lot better than text can. A video can go one step further and show a product in a more realistic setting. It is harder to fake the appearance or quality of a product on a video than it is on an image, so people will regard products seen on videos with
higher esteem/credibility.

It can give more detailed product demonstrations

Demonstrating a product via text is probably not possible, and demonstrating it through images is very difficult. A video can demonstrate a product from beginning to the end. It is a more comprehensive means showing your customers what they are buying.

It can negatively affect your websites SEO

Pages that have less text because it is inhabited by video are going to have a lower SEO value. Pages that have videos also take longer to render and load, which negatively affects a websites SEO.

Videos are easier to share online

More videos go viral than text does. It is often easy to share because people can simply link to your page and say, “Watch this.” Many more videos have gone viral rather than text, because text takes some effort to read, and few people are willing to inflict any sort of work on their friends.

Videos may increase your traffic numbers

Even the people who dislike videos, may watch videos if they are already aware of their presence. For example, there are few people who do not know that YouTube is all about videos. Because most people know that videos are part of YouTube, even people who dislike videos are willing to view the site. If on the other hand, those same people were not aware that YouTube was primarily a video site, they may click onto the website, and instantly close the tab or window. Therefore, if you make it known that your website holds videos, you will still lose some of your viewers, but will gain a few back after the initial migration away from your site.

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